Have Big Dreams For 2021? 

Start your year with a plan that is in full alignment with your heart 
Start 2021 off with a coaching call to get super grounded, set your goals and make a plan to achieve them (aka your road to success). You'll end this call with clarity and motivation to make this your best year ever. 
This program will leave you feeling connected to yourself, on track with your goals, like you're living your purpose, and that you're making the changes you know you deserve and need. 
Instead of following other people new years resolutions, feeling anxious about not achieving them and not having the accountability you need - commit to yourself and your growth. Call in what you TRULY need to feel like your best self. 
If 2020 wasn't what you were hoping for and you're pushing to get to the finish line so we can welcome in a new year, fresh start and inspiring goals - you're not alone!
Resolutions can be hard to stick to if your resolutions aren't actually what you want (they come from a place of comparison) and if you don't have a game plan! 

"If you’re thinking about changing your life and crushing goals and feeling like superwomen, then this is your coach! I truly believe the universe paired us together." - Zoila F.

In our 90 Minute Call, we will get super clear on your intentions and set some life changing goals together. (Ps. Did you know there's a difference between "intention setting" and "goal setting"?)
Then, I'll support you for a full month via text/voice note so we can combat any limitations that make you second guess yourself. 
 This is the best chance to start your goals off on the right foot (without committing to a full coaching series).
You deserve to set goals that are aligned with your true self - instead of just looking at what everyone else is doing. Why live life according to what someone else says you "should" be doing?

What You Get:

- 90 Minute Call with me to get clear on your intentions and goals for the new year.
- Intention setting guide for you to fill out and have as a reminder for the rest of the year.
- Voice note and texting support while you implement the changes you want to make and hold you accountable for 1 month after your call.  
Ready? Let's do this!

How You'll Feel:

- Clear on what your intentions and goals for 2021 are
- Inspired and motivated to make change!
- Grounded in who you are and where you're going
- Confident that your goals are what you TRULY want and are aligned with what your HIGHEST self wants
- Focused on how to level up
- Organized and prepared to succeed 
- Confident in yourself and your abilities (self-doubt be gone!)

"Kathleen is so kind and gentle with the way that she approaches every topic you’re wanting to discuss and she is always willing to give you more." - Madeleine Z.


How much will it cost?
The 90 minute call and month of support is priced at just $100 CAD! 
This is much cheaper than your coaching packages, why? 
It's been a hard year and you deserve to go into 2021 feeling like you're getting the fresh start you want! (Without breaking the bank). 
How we will communicate after our call?
We will connect via WhatsApp! We can use both voice notes and texting to keep in contact
Is this group coaching?
Nope! This is ALL about you, your goals and your success. Completely personalized. 
Can we chat if I have more questions?
Absolutely! You can book a call with me here

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