25 Things I Learned Before I Turned 25

1. The Earth and your body are your only permanent homes, be kind to them.

2. Discover where you get your validation from – (Instagram likes? How much money you make? What your friends/parents think of you? Yourself?!)

3. No one should make you feel small – if they do, think about if the relationship is worth keeping

4. Call your family! – They love you and miss you and your mom will be SO happy to hear from you

5. Learn about conscious communication – (learning to communicate properly is SO important, and it’ll help you understand what the root of a problem actually is.)

6. Stand up for yourself.

7. TRY meditation (at least once!) – seriously guys, it’s amazing what happens when you stop to watch your mind and focus on being present.

8. Don’t say sorry if you don’t mean it.

9. Clean out your closet once a year.

10. Know that you’re going to fail a few times and that more than okay. Learn from those failures (more importantly- learn how you respond to failure.)

11. Be realistic about what you deserve (Harsh reality- you aren’t as special as your mom tells you that you are. People won’t hand you what you believe you deserve.)

12. Your life will not look like “Friends”. (I wish though.)

13. Know when to ask for help – from a friend, your boss, therapist, mom, etc. Everyone needs help) Which brings me to…

14. Help others. Everything comes full circle.

15. The most important relationship you have is the one with yourself. – Attend to it.

16. Be aware of what you’re taking in – what you’re watching, who you spend time with, how you

17. Send thank you notes.

18. Reflect on how you react to negative situations – Did you approach it from a place of love or fear?

19. Eat something green!

20. Be nice to people in the service industry.

21. Try really hard not to judge others or yourself. We’re all doing the best we can.

22. Know that YOU ARE ENOUGH!!!

23. Read! (Self-help books are incredible and help you learn a ton about yourself.)

24. Forgive other people and forgive yourself.

25. Find your passion.

This past year has been an incredible year of growth and learning. I am so blessed!

Love & Light,


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