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Connect With Your Highest Self & Transform Your Life From Within

On a daily basis, I have beautiful women coming to me and asking "How can I change my life?" or "What's the first step toward becoming my best self?" and "How do I get out of this funk where I feel so stuck?". We want easy, quick, answers to these questions with tangible step by step processes that make it moving from "stuck" into "my highest self" feel like a seamless transition.

We want to know what to DO.

But, the truth is, you don't need to DO anything. You need to BE.

To truly transform your life, you need to put away the Pinterest lifestyle checklists, quit comparing your external world to everyone elses and focus on how you can BE your highest self.

The inner work is about remembering who you are, discovering what is written on your heart, learning where you're holding yourself back and making yourself small, learning what areas of you crave the space to grow, and treating yourself with love so you can write your own story and find the answers you've been searching for.

Connecting with your highest self is the foundation for transformation. Deep self-connection and self-understanding is the key to living a life that will truly make you happy. Knowing yourself is the first step towards unlocking your true potential and achieving your goals. Here's why:

Clarity: Knowing your TRUE, unapologetic, natural, genuine self gives you clarity of your purpose. This helps you set goals that actually fuel you towards YOUR version of happiness and fulfillment. (hint: going through the same motions that someone else goes through every day will not change your life unless you feel a connection or relationship to these actions. Do they fuel you? Are they serving a purpose?). YOU are your own compass.

Confidence: Self-discovery breeds self-confidence. When you know yourself deeply and initmately, you know that you are reslient and able to persevere through anything. You have a supportive relationship with yourself where you know you can hold yourself through any challenge and that you're able to expand your comfort zone and accomplish all your goals. You trust yourself enough to actually START transforming.

Freedom: Doing the inner work of building a relationship with yourself and connecting with your highest self leads to personal freedom. Freedom from limiting beliefs, self-sabotge, disempowering self talk, comparison, fear, doubt, shame and untrue stories you previously told youself.

How To Connect With Your Highest Self:

Journal: I started journlaing when I was 11. Feeling isolated at school (middle school was a tough time! I had a bowl cut and braces), my journal was a place I could alwasy go to when I needed support. As an adult, I look back on those days and know that I was SO right to turn to my journal and to nurture my relaitonship with myself when things felt hard. You are never alone.

Journaling is how you create the map toward your highest self. Reflect, process your emotions, empower yourself, practice using a voice that is encouraging and supportive. Build a relationship to yourself that is loving and inspiring.

I also go to my journal to practice gratitude, work through problems, let go of what isn't serving me, and manifest the life I want.

KNOW yourself: And I mean REALLY know yourself. As if you're studying yourself for a test. I have worked with coaches, done breathwork, worked with a therapist, meditating, and learned many different tools that helped me truly know every single little piece of myself. Get intimate. Get curious. Who are you really? Who are you without limiting beliefs, stories or fear? She's your highest self, and she can't wait to be with you while you thrive.


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