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Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Last year, I decided that I needed a shift in my lifestyle. I found my self constantly comparing myself to others, was worried about where my life was going and, honestly, was feeling really lost. Since then, I've been discovering ways to make life work for me and have been digging deeper to figure out what really makes me happy, regardless of what other people are doing or how it turns out.

Here's a little bit about me... I was born in Budapest and adopted by my kick butt, #girlboss mom who inspires me everyday. I was raised in Toronto, and currently live on a farm with my boyfriend and his parents while I get my business diploma. In my early twenties, I was going to a university that wasn't right for me, in a program I didn't love and was living a really unhealthy lifestyle where I wasn't tuned in to my own needs. I was going through the motions, but not living a purposeful life. I'm now working towards getting a business degree, but since I used to be an english major, it's quite the transition and it's been a long journey. I'm now in a place where I love what I do and I love what I'm learning.

This blog is going to be about things that will (hopefully) make a difference in your life! We will be thinking about how to allow ourselves to be vulnerable, how to connect with our true selves and ignore our ego's, and asking ourselves some really important questions.

I've created this blog to share tips, stories and experiences that have helped me learn to practice self love, be more confident and take control of my own life. I'm really excited to start this conversation with you! We're all always growing and changing and I think it's super important that we share our experiences (big and small) that shape who we are. You never know where you'll find inspiration!

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