November Intentions

Happy November, gang! Here are my intentions for the next month.

1. Jump In

I want to jump ALL in to everything I'm doing this month. It's number 1 on my list for a reason! I want to hold myself accountable and give my projects and goals the attention they deserve. I want to jump into coaching, creating, connecting with others and giving myself whatever I need to rock this next month. I definitely let my fear get in the way of putting my FULL heart and soul into projects. The "what if I fail" question frequently comes up and I totally psych myself out. Reminding myself to jump in and take chances will help me get over this fear and feel more confident in my goals for the month!

2. Drink more water

HONESTLY, need I say more. I did a sober month last month (Blog on that coming soon!) and I drank SO much water and felt amazing! Water fixes everything.

3. Stop. Breathe. Smile

This intention is so important to me. If something makes me freak out or puts a downer on my day, I'm going to try and be more present. Take a few deep breaths. And smile about something I'm grateful for! In moments of panic or stress we forget about what we're grateful for. I also find that forcing myself to smile actually makes me feel way better!!

4. Disconnect in the morning and before bed.

I am so guilty of waking up and instantaneously checking my phone. And I fall asleep after mindlessly scrolling! I really want to try and limit my constant need to be connected and save my phone time for something that really matters. If I open my phone and read something that bothers me it effects my sleep and how I start my day.

5. Everyday is a chance to start new

I LOVE waking up and knowing that I can kick yesterdays butt. Every day is a fresh start and I find that so refreshing. I forget this sometimes and this simple mindset change can prevent a bad day from turning into a bad week.

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