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The #1 Thing That's Helping Me Achieve My Goals

Achieving your goals, creating your dream life, and chasing your dreams can feel incredibly overwhelming. Many of my clients come to me saying the same thing: "I know this can't be IT! I'm just not sure what 'it' is... or how to get there. I just know that I'm meant for more than this. I know I have untapped potential and I know I CAN succeed. But what's the first step?".

If this sounds like you, my biggest piece of advice is to forget about the first step. Seriously, pretend it doesn't exist. To reach our goals, we need to start at the end.
How can you take a meaningful and impactful first step if you don't know what direction you're heading in? Think about it: Would a builder ever lay down bricks without a blueprint? Do knitters knit without a product in mind? Of course not. So ask yourself: At the end of my journey, what will I have accomplished? Who will I be?

Envision Your Future Self
Starting at the end means envisioning your future self. Imagine what success looks like for you. Visualize your life when you’ve achieved your goals. What do you see? Who are you with? What are you doing? How do you feel? This vision becomes your blueprint, your guiding star. Write your answers down!

When I first started my personal development journey, I was totally lost and confused. This exercise would have been really challenging for me. I went into my journey without concrete goals, but I focused on the FEELINGS I wanted to embody. I wanted to feel deep love for myself, purposeful with my time, and confident in who I truly am. Anchoring in on those feelings was more than enough of a driving force.

Reverse Engineer Your Success
Once you have a clear vision of your end goal, work backwards. Break down your ultimate goal into smaller, more manageable milestones. Identify the skills, resources, and steps needed to reach each milestone. This process, known as reverse engineering, allows you to create a step-by-step plan from your vision to your present. For example, if you want to BE confident and FEEL in control of your life, ask yourself, "How will I know I am in control of my life? What evidence will be there?"

Stay Focused on Your Why
Understanding your 'why' is crucial. Why do you want to achieve this goal? What drives you? Your 'why' will keep you motivated and focused, especially during challenging times. It’s the fuel that powers your journey and keeps you on the right track for YOU. Two people can set out to accomplish the same goal, but with completely different reasons behind it—success will feel different for each of them!

Take Consistent Action
With a clear vision, a reverse-engineered plan, and a strong 'why', NOW it’s time to take action. Focus on taking consistent, deliberate steps towards your goal. Celebrate small victories along the way, as they build momentum and keep you motivated. Choose actions that EMBODY the vision you painted earlier.

Check Yourself
Changing your path requires energy, honesty, and hard work. Check yourself for self-sabotage, getting in your own way, lame excuses, and falling back into old patterns. This is where a coach was incredibly helpful for me—every time I would slack or fear-based thinking would overcome me, I had someone to call me out on my BS, remind me of my why, and help me get back on track.

The journey to achieving your goals starts with a clear vision of the end. By envisioning your future self, reverse engineering your success, staying focused on your 'why', embracing flexibility, taking consistent action, seeking support, and regularly reflecting, you can turn your dreams into reality.
Remember, it’s not about the first step; it’s about knowing where you’re going and taking deliberate, purposeful steps to get there. Your dream life is within reach—start at the end and work your way towards it.


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