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Work With Kathleen 

"You held me so carefully and watched as I grew over the months and then I started to fly."
- Caroline C. 

Beautiful soul, it's time to step into your power.

I have created multiple mentorship programs for women like you who KNOW they deserve more from their lives. These programs are for women who are feeling stuck, or uninspired, or are craving a deep shift and lifestyle change. ​

true self. 

If you are craving more magic from your life, desire a deeper connection with your self, want to live confidently every day, and embody your authentic self – you are exactly where you need to be to make that happen.

Coaching with me is about connecting to your heart, creating a mindset that motivates you, loving yourself deeply and creating a life that makes you come alive.

My coaching methods work from the inside, out. In order to have the lifestyle and habits that you truly desire, you have to listen to your heart. Transformation comes from a place of deep love and understanding of who you are. A coaching series will help you rewire your mindset so you believe deeply in yourself and show up for yourself, as your true self. 

What People Think

"With her guidance and encouragement, I changed how I see myself. She has an extraordinary gift for listening and truly helping others to see the beautiful light they offer."

- Caroline C.  

What People Think

"The biggest change I made was being kind to myself, becoming more aware of my emotions and addressing them appropriately"

- Madeleine Z. 

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