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Kathleen is a transformational life coach! She helps you realize that you had the power within you, along with gentle nudges in the right direction, and she helps you with keeping yourself accountable. 

Kathleen does a great job of being your friend, being your biggest cheerleader, but also asking you the tough questions to help you get to the next level- no matter what stage of life you are in. If you’ve been searching for a life changing coach for women, look no further!

- Jessie W.


I´ve never had a professional that showed such a commitment to me other than Kathleen Nower. On my journey of self discovery, I realized how important is to know yourself in order to start a process of true healing. Without the right questions that Kathleen asked me, I wouldn´t be able to find the right answers. 

Kathleen understood every single thing I told her, even when they where very complicated and "messy". She always knew the right step to take after every single session according to the subjects that talked about. I knew I was in safe and more than capable hands.

She gave me space to find every single answer with out pushing me. She respected my own time and came out with different activities and excersises that I could try

On my way of self discovery, thanks to Kathleen, I was able to realise heavy emotions that I was keeping and hiding for years. I was able to know myself, what I truly liked and disliked, who I really was and my values. I have clear and deep image of who I am 

It was  perfect team work.  She let me explore myself while she guided and supported me to heal. I felt empowered because I did it by myself, but with her support, homework and lessons.

I believe that her help has been fundamental in my recovery process. She gave me tools that I can use in my daily life and in the future. 

- Karina B.


I can not encourage others enough to take the risk with someone they may never meet in person who lives thousands of miles away to intimately share their fears, hopes, dreams, failures, and life with.  Kathleen held me so carefully and watched as I grew over the months and then I started to fly.  I will be forever grateful for the risk. Kathleen, I know you are there for me and I know I will call you back to help me again.  You my dear are one of my angels here on earth.

- Caroline C. 


If you’re willing to invest your time into bettering yourself, don’t be scared to be vulnerable. Kathleen is so kind and gentle with the way that she approaches every topic you’re wanting to discuss and she is always willing to give you more. What separates her from other coaches/therapists is her 24:7 support. The regular check ups, wanting to know how you’re progressing, if there is anything she can help you with or anything more she can do for you. The growth I have made in four very short months is something money just can’t buy and I would 100% recommend this experience to anyone, no matter how big or small you think your ‘problems’ are.


- Madeleine Z. 


If you’re thinking about changing your life and crushing goals and feeling like superwomen, then this is your coach! I truly believe the universe paired us together. I absolutely made the right choice in choosing her to be part of a very important time in my life. I couldn’t imagine going through this experience without her. Kathleen reminded me of the girl I’ve always been and hid away for many years. After the four months we had, I never felt better. I’m so sure I will become the success I set out to be, thanks to Kathleen's guidance and support. She really cares and sees the potential in you. Hire her now!

Zoila F.


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