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 I'm a certified transformation and mindset coach who works with stuck women to release their fears and step into their power so they can create a beautiful life that is in alignment with their hearts. I help my clients live authentically and fearlessly as their truest selves. 

I'm in love with watching my clients thrive. I've created incredible techniques for you to love yourself, live confidently, discover your true self and shift your mindset so you can live a life that feels perfect for you. 

I guide my clients to break free from old patterns, and awaken their highest selves. 

Together, we create magic. I support my clients as they dig deep within themselves to find inner freedom and create perfect alignment. 

If you're craving a deep shift, you're in the right place.

Welcome, beautiful human!

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 Kathleen x


"Kathleen has such a big heart and light-hearted spirit that has the capability of bringing you back home to yourself. She dives headfirst, exploring her own humanness which allows her to be incredibly compassionate and present with others. I love her." - Ivanna B.

Work With Me

I work with women who are feeling stuck, uninspired and disconnected from themselves to deepen their self-love, awaken their authentic inner power, and embody their truest and highest selves.
I currently offer multiple 1:1 coaching packages.