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Jump Start 2023
Start the new year feeling in control, inspired and confident in where you're headed.

This program is for you if you:


- Want to start 2023 feeling ALIGNED with your true self

AND want to have goals that reflect your heart


- Feel like your goals sometimes don't belong to you


- Want to set goals and intentions for the new year that you'll actually achieve

-Want to feel like you're starting this year off on the "right" foot (aka your best foot)


- Want to DEEPLY believe in yourself


- Want someone to hold you accountable 


Success Stories:

 I can confidently say that Kathleen helped me to see myself differently and connect with myself in ways I've never been able to, or thought I could ever be able to. Now, I have the tools/road map to show up as my best self in my life.
- Danielle
Kathleen does a great job of being your friend, being your biggest cheerleader, but also asking you the tough questions to help you get to the next level- no matter what stage of life you are in. If you’ve been searching for a life changing coach for women, look no further!
Kathleen is a transformational life coach! She helps you realize that you had the power within you, along with gentle nudges in the right direction, and she helps you with keeping yourself accountable. 
- Jessie W.

And you want to feel:


- Prepared for the new year


- Confident in your goals (and your ability to achieve them)


- Grounded in who you are and where you're going


- Connected to your TRUE self


- Inspired to make consistent change

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Let's Make It Happen. Here's what you'll receive:

- 1 90 Minute Call to set inspiring goals, get clear on your intentions and create a plan


- Goal and Intention Setting Workbook

- 1 Guided Meditation to connect with your higher self 


- Text/Voice note support for the whole month of January to keep you on track!

Your Investment: $250 

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