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We've all been there. You have the "ah-ha" moment that makes you want to go out, buy a new planner and totally redo your routines. But, it doesn't stick because you have no accountability, you're unsure if what you're doing is "right" and you're constantly bombarded with social media posts telling you what you should be doing. You end up falling back into your old routines and the cycle starts over again. 

I created the "Boost" program to end the cycle. 

The "Boost" program is for you if you:


- Feel like you need to "reset" or "get it together" by creating lasting and impactful habits

- Feel stuck because you're routines and lifestyle aren't reflecting your true potential

- Have SO much you want to accomplish but get overwhelmed at the thought of starting your goals

- Feel fear or resistance to the changes that you know will be good for you and that you really need to make

- Have been in that cycle before and know you need extra accountability 


And you want to feel:


- Completely in control of your lifestyle, routines, and habits

- Confident that you're living intentionally and on purpose (you're in the divers seat)


- In a place of flow and balance with your routines

- Committed to your own success 


- A deep sense of self-love and self respect that manifests as self discipline and commitment


- Completely in love with your day to day


- Like you actually have it all together; there's nothing that can stop you

Success Stories:

 I can confidently say that Kathleen helped me to see myself differently and connect with myself in ways I've never been able to, or thought I could ever be able to. Now, I have the tools/road map to show up as my best self in my life.
- Danielle
Kathleen does a great job of being your friend, being your biggest cheerleader, but also asking you the tough questions to help you get to the next level- no matter what stage of life you are in. If you’ve been searching for a life changing coach for women, look no further!
Kathleen is a transformational life coach! She helps you realize that you had the power within you, along with gentle nudges in the right direction, and she helps you with keeping yourself accountable. 
- Jessie W.

Let's Make It Happen. Here's what you'll receive:

- 1 90 Minute Call to set inspiring goals, get clear on your intentions and create a plan


- Goal and Intention Setting Workbook

- 1 Guided Meditation to connect with your higher self 


- Email and voice note support for the whole month to keep you on track!

Your Investment: $300 

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