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Embrace Your Power: A Manifesto for Turning Wishes into Reality

I woke up this morning, nestled in my bed with my journal, and found myself musing, "I wish I could..." Suddenly, a cascade of potential realities flooded my mind. Initially, this was overwhelming and slightly paralyzing. I thought to myself "Oh my god, HOW will I achieve all that I want? HOW can I change my reality? Can I even do this?"

I soon had a revelation - "Oh yes, I CAN."

Whenever you encounter a dream, wish, or goal that appears too monumental, too distant, or too daunting, remember this: you can achieve it. All it takes is the decision and commitment to GO DO IT.

Instead of merely wishing:
  • "I wish I was ..." --> GO BE IT

  • "I wish I could ..." --> GO DO IT

  • "I wish I had ..." --> GO GET IT

You possess incredible power.

The primary obstacle to reaching our goals isn't taking the first step or reaching the finish line. It's embracing the discomfort of the journey, what Brene Brown aptly calls Act 2.
We often anticipate a magical journey: Step 1: Get a great idea or set a goal Step 2: Take the first step Step 3: Experience a movie montage moment that fast-forwards us to success in Step 4

However, Step 3 can feel like an eternity, filled with discouragement, setbacks, loneliness, and challenges. Fellow goal getter - this stage can feel HARD. We don't label it as "putting in the work" because we expect it to be effortless.

In these moments, I remind myself of WHO I'm doing this for.

It's not for present me.

It's for future me - the version of myself who has already achieved her dreams. The me who wakes up every morning proud of overcoming those daunting steps to reach her goals.
That future version of me won't materialize unless I put in the work now.
So, I CHOOSE to show up FOR HER.

I choose to be the best version of myself today so that my future self can THRIVE. I choose to believe that hard work pays off, to maintain consistency, for building my dream life and shaping my reality is a daily endeavor. I acknowledge that I am in control and that no one else will accomplish my goals for me.

We are accountable for our thoughts and actions. From how we speak to ourselves to how we transform our thoughts into actions - it's all within our control. When faced with challenges, when the desire to quit arises, or when frustration sets in due to a lack of visible progress, remember: YOU decide what to focus on, and YOU choose your path.

You are more significant than your fears. You are a powerhouse - a source of motivation and empowerment capable of achieving anything.

To the beautiful human out there, diligently putting in the effort, pushing boundaries, and stepping out of your comfort zone, know this: YES, YOU CAN. You can do it because your future self depends on you.

Now, go out there and make it happen!


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