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Powerful Affirmations to Help Transform Your Life

I wanted to ask you how your internal world is treating you today? How’s the inner self talk going? Are you staying connected to who you truly are? Or are you letting things get in the way of real self-connection and love?

I invite you to take a moment, grab yourself a notebook and write down what comes to mind when I ask you…

  • Do you think you can achieve anything and everything in this life?

  • Do you believe in yourself?

  • Do you think of yourself as smart and successful?

  • What characteristics (positive and negative) come to mind when you think about yourself?

Be brutally honest with yourself! Any negative beliefs or false stories that came up during this exercise are here to be acknowledged and understood so you can GROW through your comfort zone and full experience what it feels like to know that you’re limitless.

Think about your answers to those questions. Do you feel empowered? Do the answers bum you out? Would you say those things to a best friend? Are you giving yourself grace and love?

Maybe, the answers to these are “I’m working on it! If so - I FULLY commend you for your efforts. Chaining your life from the inside out is no easy feat! You are on the path that leads to an inspiring life and beautiful connection with yourself and you should be so proud of that.

If some of these answers hit a pain point - keep reading!

If you change your inside - you change the outside.

I’ve always been a firm believer that real change happens internally first. It all starts with the way you talk to yourself because the body listens to the mind and acts accordingly. AKA if you tell yourself “I suck, I can never do this”… then guess what, love? That’s the way she’ll go. BUT, if you say things to yourself that are encouraging, empowering and exude kindness and love - then there’s nothing you can’t do. Your body is listening.

We all face self-doubt at some point in our lives. We get embarrassed, we fail, we fall, we get hurt. There are SO many things that could break down the self-esteem you are born with. I had a bowl cut and braces for years and kids can be mean! Trust me - I’ve been there.

Sometimes, the voices that cause you to doubt yourself become SO loud that we actually start to believe them and then take them on as our own.

I used to be someone who thought I wouldn’t accomplish anything in life. I was lost and took that as a failure. I looked around (hello comparisonitis) and felt like I was doing life wrong.

I had to change my mindset and CHOOSE to lift myself up so that I could transform from lying in bed all day after a night of drinking, feeling miserable and disconnected and sorry for myself and constantly asking myself “What’s the point?”.
It took some work, but now I wake up knowing that I am connected to my true self, have tools to help me when the road ahead looks bumpy and have a constant loving companion in my heart who has held me through so much and will continue to be there for me.

Life is truly as good as you make it.

Because when we change the inside and start telling ourselves a different story - your world shifts.

If you can look at your answers to those questions and think to yourself “I wonder what it would be like to feel…”, then FEEL it. Self-love? It’s right there waiting for you. Inner confidence? YES, YOU CAN.

My favorite tool to shifting into an empowered and motivated and loving mindset is affirmations.

Most of my clients come to me with loud self-doubt, low self-esteem and question themselves. We then work together to create meaningful affirmations that target those triggers and break down your comfort zone.

Here are a few to jump-start your shift. It’s SO easy to integrate affirmations and positive thinking into your life and form new beliefs based not his habit - you just have to believe it will work and show up for yourself!

My body is boundless. It is channeling the energy, creativity and intelligence of the entire universe
I am the source of magic in my life
I am limitless. I am unbreakable. I am connected.
I am perfectly imperfect. I live a life of discovery and self-transformation
I trust myself and the path I am on
There is infinity in all directions, and I am at the center of it
I am grace. I am centered. I am clear in my mind. I know my soul.
I am a superstar!
I am enough. I am loved. I am strong.
I love my journey through life
I can confidently be myself
I will embody self-love


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