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The Monthly Ritual You Need

Your Beginning of the Month Check – In

Hi beautiful friends,

Today I’m sharing my favourite questions to ask yourself at the beginning of every month. On the 1st Sunday of each month, I sit down and have a BIG journal session. This helps me clear out the old information I no longer need so I can make space for the new. It allows me to reflect on what worked and what could use some tweaking. I take the time to celebrate what I accomplished and look to the future.

It’s also really important that I look deeper within myself and check in on my heart to see what it needs. As much as I love making sure that I’m on track with my goals, it’s WAY more important to me that these goals are actually making me feel good!

My top journal questions are:

What made me feel the best last month?

Did I accomplish my goals? What tools helped me do so?

Am I being my best self every day?

How did my goals from last month make me feel? What did I learn?

What are this month’s goals?

Are my goals for this month connected to my true values, my best self and who I truly want to be?

Is there any area of my life that needs my attention or a space where I can live with more intention?

(IE. Am I driving the car or is the car driving me?)

Happy February, loves! You got this and I’m cheering you on from afar.


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