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5 Mindsets To Adopt To Make Accountability Easy

Updated: Mar 5

I've struggled with accountability SO much in the past.
Keeping up with my goals and action steps would feel like such an uninspiring chore. I would set reminders for myself, post tasks on my bathroom mirror, tell a friend (for external accountability) and put my money behind things (yoga class, a new journal, etc) that would definitely get me from point A to point B....but, none of it created lasting change. Here's what did

  1. Get Excited By Your "Why"

What's the point of your hew habit anyways? Instead of focusing on the task itself, think big picture. Write out your why! "I am doing (insert habit here) because (insert the bigger goal here) and it will make me feel _____." And get AMPED about the why! Any change in your life should make you excited. You've taken the time to think about what you want for yourself and how you want to get there! That's huge! You should feel like Elle Woods becoming a kick ass lawyer. Remind yourself of your reason every. single. day.

2. Begin at the End

Think about if the habit is contributing to your highest and best self. It's important to make sure that the "why" is actually yours. I've worked with clients before who come to me with a goal or a feeling or a lifestyle that they want, and after a week or so of pursuing it they realize ... "Hang on a second, I only want this goal because it's what I think I SHOULD want.". In the game of creating lasting and impactful change, the word "should" isn't allowed. Spend some time picturing your highest, most vibrant and happy self. Does this goal or habit truly fit there? You don't need to live according to someone else's goals.

3. Don't Fake It

I'm a firm believer "that fake it til you make it" is BS. That's doing the external work without doing the inner work. Working on being more confident? Sure, you can go out there and act like it, but is that coming from a place of self connection? Again, you don't need to pretend to be something or someone else - you're making change for YOU so BE YOU in the process.

4. There's Freedom in Discipline

Try to take choice out of the habit. Once you've gotten clear on your reason behind the goal, what it truly means to you and how you can be yourself while embarking on this journey, make a decision and stick to it! At LEAST for 1 week to see how it feels. Free up some brain space for other things and schedule a check in time with yourself to re evaluate. Don't let excuses creep up!

5. Ditch comparison

Do your best to balance intuition and being inspired by others. Have faith in your self and trust that you know what feels right for you! Make the habit your own, have fun with it and remember that there's no one size fit's all option.

I'm so proud of you for wanting to change your life. That takes so much honesty and self-love. Honour yourself at every step of the journey!


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