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Balance is Key

For so long, I struggled with understanding who my highest Self was. I thought my highest Self had to be insanely disciplined, be perfect at everything, have unfailing routines with no room for flexibility. I took the term "Highest" to mean that I had to be operating at 110% at all times, no matter what.

And that was SCARY.

Why would I want to be my highest self if there was no room for me to be human, make mistakes, have fun, and really LIVE.

So I changed the definition of "highest Self", to mean AUTHENTIC self.

This means I got to start listening to my body, mind and soul and actually nurture these parts of me. I focused on filling my own cup and being MY best.

This meant letting go of the expectation to have everything, do everything and be something other than my perfectly imperfect self. Once I let that go, my goals came easily to me. My WHY behind my goals was super strong, I actually deeply desired what I was striving for and I already knew that I wouldn't fail.

This is your reminder to give yourself GRACE. You are a human being - not a robot. BE different. Believe in yourself. Do what makes YOU happy. Breathe in your beautiful body. Connect with your gorgeous soul.

Ask yourself: Where can I let go? Where can I find ease? Where can I let go of pressure? Where can I be more ME?

You got this!



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