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Coaching vs. Therapy - which one is right for you?

The first question I ask clients is "How do you know that coaching is right for you?", because coaching and therapy are not the same. Let's break it down so you can decide which you would benefit the most from!

Most importantly, coaching is proactive. It's all about goal setting and working to achieve those goals. You will never feel stagnant when working with a life coach, because we're always focused on getting you to where you want to be. Even if this goal is about changing how you FEEL, and is less tangible, we're constantly moving you in that direction. You will leave every session feeling like you're making progress AND you'll know your next steps. Which brings me to another point about coaching - there is homework. The work doesn't end when the session does because you will have "action items" to complete before we next meet. This keeps you moving forward and helps solidify what was talked about during session. Coaching focuses on the present moment and your future.

Therapy, on the other hand, has less structure. The sessions in therapy are exploratory, where you can spend your hour unpacking whatever is on your mind that day. Therapy sessions are great if you need to unpack your past, or need to spend more time on self discovery.

This isn't to say that coaching won't dive into your past. But, we connect your past to what's going on in your present and how it will effect your future and your goals.

I personally have been to both therapy and coaching. I definitely see the benefits of both!

If you're asking yourself ...

- What do I do next?

- How can I make lasting changes in my life?

- How can I accomplish ___?

- What can I do to make myself feel amazing every day?

- Why am I stuck? How do I get unstuck?

- What else is possible for me?

- What does my best self really look like and how can I embody her?

... then coaching might be for you! All these question are focused on what you can DO for yourself. You're a solution seeker!

What solution are you seeking right now?

With love,



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