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Make Your Self-Care Count

It's time to talk about MEANINGFUL self-care.

I don't know about you, but I when I would get stuck in a rut I'd go into problem solving mode. I look at all the things I could DO. What boxes do I need to check? What actions will prove that I am on the right track?

A client said to me last week, "If I don't have all the right habits or do the right things, then how will I know that I'm enough?".

This question comes up time and time again, and I've definitely been guilty of asking myself that same question when I feel my insecurities and fears are loud.

But the truth is - your worth isn't defined by what you DO. What's important is who you ARE.

So, we need to switch gears. STOP checking things off the list, people pleasing, and measuring yourself based on your productivity or validation from others. START checking in on your heart, focusing on how you talk to yourself, prioritizing your souls happiness, and deeply loving yourself. This requires SO much honesty. It's time to call yourself out and get real about your mindset. Having a TikTok worthy morning routine won't make you love yourself. KNOWING yourself will. Deepen your connection to your beautiful self and get vulnerable; be open.

Imagine you are the only person left on this planet. There's no one else to validate you. There's no one else to show up for. You don't need to look a certain way by being productive, have the "right" things, do what's not aligned or be anyone else but yourself. When all of that is stripped away, who is left? Who is the person behind the activities, checklists, comparison and measurement? Are you connected to her? Is she happy?

The self-care "quick fixes" of taking a bubble bath, drinking green juice, adding a 5 minute meditation to your routine or upping your skin care routine won't actually better your life if you don't look at what's going on inside. Girl, you are SO strong. We're in it for the long run, so spend your time nurturing your soul.

You got this :)

With love,



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